Brief information on the creation of the VetMedCare® brand and networking with Zaza textile solutions

Dr. Norbert Freitag, who died in 2015, was the founder of the VetMedCare brand. The company Zaza Textillösungen GmbH was the development and production specialist at Dr. Freitag’s side from the very beginning.

The well-known VetMedCare “mascot” – were his 4 dogs Spammy, Joe, Kessey and Jingi. They accompanied Dr. Freitag on almost all fairs and can still be seen on the delivery notes and invoices, as well as in the e-mail signature.

Overview or curriculum vitae of the VetMed products supplemented with year dates

The textile products for animals that have been tried and tested in practice can now look back on many years of developing, testing and trying out. We have summarised the most important data for you here.


  • Differentiation of “Dog Bodysuit” and “Cat Bodysuit” (previously Dog&Cat Body and Cat Body)
  • Optimization “Dog Bodysuit with Legs”. This product will have a zipper for even more comfortable handling / resulting from customer requests and own experience and will be on sale at the beginning of November 2019.


  • New colour indigo blue is launched on the market, including end-consumer-friendly packaging
  • New articles Animal Pad and Safety Bag, which was developed in cooperation with the Austrian Mountain Rescue Service, goes on sale
  • Renaming of the “Beinling” to “Safety Tube


  • In january the company Zaza Textillösungen GmbH, which has been a development and production partner from the beginning, acquires the VetMedCare brand and continues it (see customer letter of 2015); only the production of VetMedCare pants and shirts for veterinarians will be discontinued by Zaza GmbH
  • April: Since VetMedCare no longer has its own dogs for product tests and photo shoots, the company dog Louis (then just 13 weeks old) joins the team – he is now the newest member of the VetMedCare team
  • First samples of Safety Pants – introduction in summer 2016


  • Sudden death of Dr. Freitag, the future of the VetMedCare brand is uncertain – Dr. Freitag’s wife takes the 4 dogs with her to her home country Thailand


  • Introduction of the “Cat Bodysuit”


  • For the first time, customers can order the bodysuits with their own log print
  • First production of the “Dog&Cat Bodysuits with Legs
  • Introduction of the water, dirt and blood-repellent VetMedCare clothing range for veterinarians


  • Introduction of the first horse products and the fur care glove


  • First fairs in Japan and much more


  • Already first cooperation with wholesalers from Germany and Switzerland, production volumes increase
  • First fairs in Weingarten, Budapest, Rimini, Zurich, Salzburg, Messe Vittel, Düsseldorf, Rostock, Madrid, Prague
  • Already first international customers from Denmark, Great Britain, Norway, Italy, Spain, Hungary etc.
  • First production of leg tubes (safety tubes) – for the time being only conical, in 2009 S, M, L


  • Production of the first prototypes (for the first time still in grey), in the course of the year 2005 then the first production with 735 pieces (“Dog & Cat Body”) – already at that time the differentiation bitch (female) and male dog took place

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