Horse size chart | measurement table | leg protection & wound protection for hind leg

Important note | Note on sizing:

Due to the highly elastic material, very large “from – to” overlap areas occur with increasing fabric consumption. The most ideal size determination is best obtained by taking all dimensions into account.

Size O
Length back – hoofes [cm] approx. horse size
S 138 – 152 Small horse, Pony
M 147 – 164 Warmblood
L 153 – 176 Large horse
Horse protection hind leg | measurement table

Thanks to high quality leg protection products, the horse’s legs can be very protected nowadays. To prevent injuries, there are typical representatives with various solutions of bandages, different gaiters or boots.

Wounds need a different kind of protection. Injuries (wounds) that have occurred once or wounds after operations can heal particularly well with VetMedCare ® Equine Wound Protection.

Background information on VetMedCare ® special veterinary solutions for horses

With the VetMedCare ┬« brand, we develop special veterinary solutions that are mainly – but not only – used after operations.

An important goal was, among other things, to offer horses a good fitting protective clothing – supplemented still with good wound protection.

The different bodysuits, tubes and safety pants have sophisticated, field-tested design adjusted cuts. In addition, the extremely stretchy fabric offers a particularly high level of wearing comfort.

The development and creation of the surgical bodysuits took place in close cooperation with veterinarians right up to the finished product. With these veterinary bodysuits, an innovative protective and clothing series for animal use was created.