We deliver directly to Switzerland, Liechtenstein and first third countries. More countries will follow!

On this page we specifically highlight the possibility of ordering from Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The following details apply as an example for export to third countries outside the EU.

  • If you live in Switzerland / Liechtenstein and want to have it delivered directly to Switzerland /LI, you can buy directly tax-free without sales tax.
  • We ship your order via Austrian Post. The Swiss import sales tax and any fees for customs clearance or processing will be charged to you when the parcel is delivered by Swiss Post.
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Shipping costs for Switzerland, Liechtenstein and THIRD COUNTRIES

PACKAGE SERVICE, the alternative to direct shipping to Switzerland and Liechtenstein

The alternative to tax-free direct shipping is delivery to an address within the EU near the Swiss border for import via self-clearance or using a parcel service. The main advantage here is the complete package insurance up to the handover to the delivery address within the EU.

Use of a parcel service in the border area

This variant is similar to self-declaration (explained in the following tab) and yet different. Depending on what the parcel service offers, self-clearance may also be carried out if it is a pure parcel shop that can be used as the delivery address for parcel collection.

If the selected parcel service is a fully-fledged parcel service, the order will be transported directly to your address in Switzerland or Liechtenstein. The parcel service will then take care of all customs formalities for you as well as onward transport to your address. For details, contact the desired provider directly or visit their website.

These are three well-known providers that have already been used by our Swiss customers. Even if we do not make any recommendations on the part of VetMedCare® OP-Bodysuits Shop, we were able to get the impression when comparing the websites that “meineinkauf.ch” offers the customer the most distinctive online self-service portfolio.

meineinkauf.ch Logo

MeinEinkauf GmbH
Maybachstraße 19
78467 Konstanz

Swisspaket Logo

Swiss Paket / HAM OHG
Schnötring 9
79804 Dogern

Grenzpaket Logo

Grenzpaket GmbH
Hirsacker 14
78244 Gottmadingen


With the variant of self-clearance when crossing the border, you order with the correct billing address and with an alternative delivery address within the EU.

In this variant you buy the desired products including VAT and not immediately tax-free. On request, we can enclose a prepared U34 form for self-declaration at the customs office with your order – please use the comment field on the checkout page for this. You can have the invoice with the U34 stamped at the customs office and send the original to us by post.

Using this customs office-confirmed document, we are able to correct the invoice into a tax-free invoice and then refund the paid VAT directly to your bank account.

Due to the very high effort involved, we charge a processing fee of € 30 for this process.

More questions about SHIPPING ABROAD? Use our hotline!

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